Online Marketing Resources Available to our Customers from Online Access
Online Marketing Resources Available to our Customers from Online Access

Nearby Now Reviews

As a Certified Reseller, Online-Access has integrated Nearby Now Functionality into PagePilot,
Helping Contractors Attain Search Visibility in Cities throughout their Entire Service Area

PagePilot websites are focused on contractors whose products and services are delivered on-site at the customer's location. Such businesses rely heavily on the ability of the web to match them with prospects located in the geographic areas they serve instead of favoring those nearest the business' physical address.

The Nearby Now system of acquiring and posting reviews bridges this gap, helping businesses that go to their customers achieve search engine presence in the various cities and towns they serve. PagePilot has fully integrated with Nearby Now so that customer check-ins and reviews automatically appear in the sites of customers subscribing to Nearby Now.

Online Access does all the set up and training needed to help you reap the full benefit of Nearby Now. Better yet, we are able to offer our PagePilot subscribers rates that are the same or better than doing this work yourself through Nearby Now.
How Nearby Now Works
Nearby Now lets service professionals check-in to each customer location as they make their service rounds throughout the day. Each time a service professional checks in, their location data and job summaries are updated in real-time to the Nearby Now network map. Before the service pro leaves the customer's driveway, he or she has the opportunity to send the customer a request to review their service. Both the check-in data, and customer reviews, are populated on the Nearby Now map, and optionally on the business's website if they've integrated Nearby Now.

When a customer is searching for a service in that area, he or she will find REAL service professionals, not static business listings. The customer is a click away from connecting to the service professional in their area. We also display engaging service area and heat maps so that the customer can personally vet the service professional by seeing how often they service their neighborhood.
PagePilot is the fastest, easiest Fully Managed Nearby Now web solution available to contractors:
Easy to use Mobile Apps for your field staff
Nearby Now includes mobile apps for iOS, Android, with cellular service and a web browser.
Public Profile on the Nearby Now 3rd Part Review website
Your business profile on Nearby Now includes a service area heat-map along with your local reviews, your full address, phone number, and a link to your website. Customers will be able to visually see that you work in their area, and are trusted by their neighbors.
Real-Time Notifications
Be notified when a customer opens your survey email, begins your review, or clicks on one of your external review site links, allowing you to stay on top of your customer's engagement.
PagePilot and WordPress Website integration
Show your customer reviews and your mobile check-ins directly into your website, and watch your business rise up in the rankings! With Nearby Now, your website is daily updated with tons of fresh, dynamic SEO content that will keep the Search Engines interested ad happy. Wordpress websites subject to one-time $99 set up charge.
Facebook business integration
Add our eye-catching Facebook tabs to your business's Facebook page, and engage your followers with photos of your work and your reviews. Each review and check-in include a like button and comment section, allowing your fans to root you on.

Automatically post your best reviews and interesting photos to your Facebook wall, keeping your Facebook page fresh and dynamic.
Dynamic staff profiles
Our Nearby Now review system also enables you to build a dynamic profile page for each member of your staff that showcases their individual skills, reviews and service check-ins.
Up-to-date reporting
Implementation assistance
Online-Access provides you with weekly search reports for 100 of your top search terms so you can see how our system affects your Google and Bing Placement. You also get access to your Nearby Now dashboard. The Dashboard gives you insight into your staff's check-ins, review requests, and also an overview of the cities you've worked in and how much activity you've had in each city. All reports are interactive and can be run for any date range. You can also get a weekly email summarizing your team's activity.
Ongoing support & optimization
Our knowledgeable customer service team will work with your web development company to implement the dynamic content using best practices built from actual experience and results. Our team makes implementation easy by setting up all your employee accounts and creating your city review pages directly for you — nothing could be easier.

Our team will also train and work with your staff to utilize this powerful tool to its fullest potential.
Nearby Now Requirements
Android: Android 4.0 or later (as of 8/21/15) and 2.1 MB space. DOWNLOAD
Apple: iOS 7.0 or later (as of 8/21/15) and 5.2 M space. DOWNLOAD
Compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. The app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

How it Works: The Power of Nearby Now

Watch a a quick 15-minute video explaining how the Nearby Now PagePilot add-on uses the calls you run every day and the customers you service to create the unique local content that search engines look for when indexing a site.
Double click the screen to view in full screen mode after the video starts.
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